Cams Hub

Privacy Policy

No personal data is collected

Cams and its team don't collect any personal data from visitors of the website. No login is required to access any part of the current website, no analytics script is used on any page, no script at all is used on any page. The current website won't ever require to have access to your location.

The current website doesn't carry any session information. So that no cookie is necessary, thus no ugly GDPR banner is necessary.

No access to any external resource

External resources have been restricted as possible, and none remains! Neither a font nor an image is loaded from a CDN. Every element used by the current website is served from a server hosting the website.

Mandatory retention of HTTP access logs

The only collection of user data is the mandatory journal of anonymous accesses to the website. The team never makes any usage of this access log.

Prevention of referrer

The website has been designed to avoid as possible the link carrying a referrer field to external websites. This is up to the browser of the visitor to honor the directives.

HTTPS systematically

All the links present on any page of the current website use the HTTPS protocol scheme. All the web servers hosting the current website are configured to systematically redirect the HTTP requests to their HTTPS equivalent.